3D TVs

What You Should Know About 3D TV

A popular trend in television and movies in the past few years is the attempt to provide content to viewers in 3D. One advantage to doing so is that it provides a memorable and unique way to watch a sporting event, television show or movie. However, one disadvantage is that it can be hard to create a three-dimensional effect without glasses or other hardware. With that in mind, is it worth your while to buy a television that can broadcast in 3D?

3D TVs

Your Choice of Brand May Be Limited

If you are looking to buy a television from a major brand, your options may be limited if you want something that is capable of a true three-dimensional picture. This is because it became more of a niche capability as opposed to something that was highly coveted by consumers. Therefore, you may be forced to buy a television from a lesser-known brand or look online for older televisions if you want one from a company like Samsung or Sony.

New Features May Come Closer to a Three-Dimensional Feel

Fortunately for those who are interested in a three-dimensional picture while watching television, advances in technology have greatly improved your viewing experience. For instance, ultra high-definition televisions use millions of colors and a faster refresh rate. This makes it look like you are actually part of the movie that you are watching or actually at the football game on Sunday afternoon. Curved televisions may also help to create the illusion that you are actually at an event or actually in a movie as opposed to just watching it.

How Much Does a 3D Television Cost?

The good news for those who want a television that can broadcast in 3D is that they can have one at an affordable price point. It may be possible to purchase such a television for under $1,000. Consumers who want to go with UHD or 4K televisions to get as close to a three-dimensional picture as possible should expect to spend at least $500 to $1,000 on a decent unit. However, larger televisions from established brands can cost as much as $2,000 to $5,000 or higher.

Don’t Forget to Compare Brands and Options Before Buying

It is always a good idea to compare brands, prices and features before you make a buying decision. In some cases, a true 3D television will come with a pair of glasses or other hardware that you need to wear while watching a movie or show. However, there are some on the market that have attempted to create three-dimensional visual effects without the need for glasses.

Such a television may be best for those who get dizzy while wearing them or simply believe that they look silly. Consumers should also inquire about any available warranty as well as where they can get service if their television were to break or otherwise malfunction.

While the 3D television may not have been the cultural phenomenon that they were once thought to be, they still function well if you want to watch your favorite show or the big game. Taking the time to comparison shop may help you find a TV that fits your viewing needs as well as your budget.