4K TVs

Everything You Need to Know About 4K TVs

The sales of the 4K TVs have been booming, and what has given these TVs the advantage and made them so seductive is how you can view more than eight million pixels on your TV screen. Technology has advanced to the point that it has become difficult to buy a TV that does not have 4K resolution. Although, personally, it can be hard to see this as anything other than good. After all, it gives you four times the details in your pictures, and that will have a spectacular impact when you reach TV sizes of greater than 55 inches.

4K TVs

The biggest advantage here is how the technology has continued to get better all the time. For example, you have a growing number of 4K TVs that also have the high dynamic range. What that means is that the range of brightness for the image and the wide color spectrum technologies are good. The biggest disadvantage here is that a TV might have 4K resolution and HDR, but that does not automatically mean that you will have an excellent TV. In fact, HDR has proven quite the challenge to get right. Before making a buying decision, you want to compare the price range and brands.

Samsung KS9500

Known for delivering sharp 4K pictures, the KS9500 goes much further than other TVs for maximizing its impact with the HDR. Even in 2016, you have no other TVs that can deliver a picture that is more spectacular than the KS9500. In fact, no other commercially released TV has ever delivered the same level of brightness. What separates this TV from the others is how Samsung used a high-end backlighting system that has the Quantum Dot color technology. That ensures that you still have the brightness. Today’s technology can push the highest level of quality, and you receive top-notch image quality. This TV, however, is not perfect, and sometimes the backlight clouds around bright objects. With its few flaws, it is still easy to forgive for the good that it does.

LG OLEDE6 Series

Much loved technology that has created a lot of hype over the years, LG’s OLEDE6 series is groundbreaking. You do have some subtle picture noise issues, but for the person who prefers the contrast between subtlety and defunct plasma screens, this technology looks like the next big thing. This model does not dispel that notion, and it manages to combine every single pixel into its own light. The color will be independent of its neighbors, and you have an excellent leap in brightness.

Sony KD-75XD9405

If you’re going to choose a 4K TV, size does make a difference. This 75-inch monster from Sony makes its entrance with style and class. You have four times the pixels that you might receive with the HD TV, and this TV adds a sense of scale to all the 4K’s. Meanwhile, you have such a lifelike picture that it is kind of scary. Size, however, is not the only thing going for it, and Sony’s Triluminos wide color spectrum technology has an LED lighting system that plays a central role.

The price range for a 4K TV will depend on how much you want to spend. Before buying, it is important to look over your options carefully because as said, not all 4K TVs were created equal, but the ones mentioned are top-notch and stellar TVs that will give you many hours of enjoying the big screen. If you want a cheaper 4K TV, the Panasonic DX750s are some of the cheapest 4K TVs around, and they have HDR playback. Even despite the affordability, they do a great performance for the price.