The Best 2017 Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals

The Best 2017 Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals

Choosing The Best Cellphone Plan In 2017

There are numerous options for cell phone plans in 2017 such that you do not have to sweat while searching for a plan that will work comfortably with your budget while keeping you connected. Before choosing a plan, you must balance between what you need and how much you are willing to spend. The trick is to compare different cell phone plans before settling on one with appealing talk, text and data offers.

The Best 2017 Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Plan

The number of lines you want to use; Single line use requires an individual plan with one rate for talk, text and data usage. If more than one line is used, for example, a phone line for each family member, then a family plan is the best option. Minutes, sms messages shared among those using the plan and made the fee smaller compared to individual plan prices.

Whether to have a contract plan or a no-contract plan; a contract plan means you sign up for either a year or two and pay a specific fee monthly until the full length of the contract. Premature termination of the agreement attracts a penalty. On the other hand, a no-contract plan also known as prepaid or month-to-month is flexible regarding payment and pricing. Most people prefer this plan because you can walk into any store and buy a prepaid phone and start using it right there. It allows you to pay only for what you want and can use.

The type of services you expect from a plan; most cell phone plans include sms allocations. However, you should only select a plan that conforms to your needs. For instance, if you just use your phone for calls, then a plan with maximum allocation for minutes should do. It would make no sense to have a plan giving you big sizes which you might not be using. Many carriers charge heavily because pricing is per megabyte used yet some of them lack unlimited plans. Unlimited plans are famous today for those who want to text and browse all day without limits and at a fair cost.

Quality of services offered by different carriers; a plan may appear cheap, yet network quality is poor. Choose a plan provided by a carrier with broad network coverage preferably with 4G coverage.

Example of the largest cell phone carriers and their plans:

Verizon Wireless

This is a leading communication technology company with several choices for phone plans with some featuring free cell phones. It has a good network coverage and fast internet speeds giving 4G coverage, and they are expected to launch 5G by 2020. They have big plans allowing customers to stream live games with no blackouts after paying about $100 per season.

AT & T

This wireless provider has multiple types of plans including unlimited usage with 10 GB of hotspot data. They also provide individual and family plans and contract and no contract plans. Currently, it is possible to use a 4G network, and the company has announced plans to expand its fixed wireless 5G testing to three other cities by the end of 2017.


Sprint is unique since it sells plans different from the other carriers. They launched a new plan for family and friends called the Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plan. The plan provides unlimited free roaming plus long distance calls in the US. Customers are also open to adding international value roaming at no additional charge.


This company boasts of no-contract plans for individual and family needs. With T-Mobile ONE and Simple Choice plans for a single monthly price.