Boxing Day Tablet Deals

The Best 2017 Boxing Day Tablet Deals

You can save a great deal if you opt for a tablet this coming festive season.

Boxing Day Tablet Deals

There are many products on offer this coming Christmas season. It is therefore essential to inform yourself about the latest deals on offer. The deals on offer this coming Christmas might spill over into the new year but only if stocks last.

You do not need to wait till that happens. The PLH tablet is one of the many products that will feature on Amazon on the 2017 Boxing Day deals. This tablet is the latest in the market and will cause an instant buzz.

Specifications of the Tablet

This tablet has a large display that gives you enough room for operation. It has a display of about 10.5 inches with a resolution of 2560 pixels by 1600 pixels with a PPI of 288 pixels per inch. This feature makes it have clarity and comfort.

The display enables you to browse, text, and run applications efficiently. You can also capitalize on the big size of the screen to view videos, televisions, books, shows, magazines and other media. This tablet has a high resolution which allows you to operate it more efficiently.

This tablet is powered by a 1,3GHz Octa processor which packs about 3GB of RAM. On the other hand, it also features an internal storage capacity of 16GB. This capacity can easily be expanded up to 128GB through the use of a microSD card.

The speed of this processor is high and therefore can improve the amount of processes and applications that it runs. It is a high-end tablet that is fast and efficient.

When it comes to the camera, this tablet features an 8-megapixel that is found at the back and a 2.1-megapixel on the front. These two cameras work efficiently to shoot photos such as selfies from the front, and other types of shots from the rear.

This feature is essential because it enables you to use applications like Skype, Facetime, and other video chat applications with ease. The bigger display also enhances this functionality.


The PLH tablet can be found at various retail outlets including Amazon. Amazon offers a one year warranty on this tablet.

Advantages of the Tablet

The PLH tablet has many benefits which make it the best deal in this festive season. Some of these include:

It is portable

This tablet can be used on the go because of its light slick weight. It is suitable for business people, students and other professionals who are always on the move. It can fit comfortably in a school bag. It is also a good medium for business presentations.

Social networking tools

This tablet features a lot of social networking tools which are essential in today’s internet age. One can easily access social media and enhance his networking activities.

It is comfortable to operate

With its big screen and impressive user interface, the tablet is convenient to use and does not restrict one from performing specific activities. It has nearly the same functionality as any smartphone, laptop, or PC.

It has a better user experience

Due to its large size, this tablet makes it comfortable for one to read, view or write text. It affords one the comfort that lacks in any smartphone on the market.

In summary, the PLH tablet is a modern device that will offer you all the functionalities you might require from a tablet. It is user-friendly and offers you high-quality services at a very affordable retail price.