Current Wearable Tech To Check Out

Current Wearable Tech To Check Out

Checking Out the Latest Wearable Tech

Currently, technology is evolving at a high rate that it is forcing other businesses and activities to speed up their evolving processes as well. A good example is in the telecommunications industry where a couple of years back, a touch-sensitive phone was nothing more than an afterthought! Right now, there are billions of touch-screen phones all over the world as telephone manufacturing companies had to move on to the touch display technology. Over the past four or five years, technology has become smarter, which means that it is now integrated into smaller devices. These devices have been designed in such an efficient way whereby it is now wearable and accepted as a social norm. Wearable devices such as fitness trackers, smart watches, and heart rate trackers are relatively comfortable and make sure you monitor your fitness levels at all times. They can be worn during various activities such as workouts, swimming, jogging or even sleeping. However, there are numerous wearable techs out in the market right now, and the following are several techs you should certainly check out and get one. Do not get left behind with the growing trend of having at least one wearable tech on you.

Current Wearable Tech To Check Out


Currently, Fitbit is amongst the most popular wrist-wear and fitness tracker in the country as hundreds of thousands of people own a piece. The latest version of this device has a new design as it is now slimmer and lighter when compared to previous versions. Other than simply measuring your daily exercise routine activities, it is now focused on improving the quality of your sleep as well as measuring your sleep duration. This is achieved by working with several integrated innovations such as Sleep Insight program. This device also has an innovation called Sleep Stages that works concurrently with a heart rate technology that analyses your heart rate to determine the total amount of sleep (REM, deep and light) you get and the instances you wake up every night. This aims to understand the quality of your sleep and provide data that will help improve your sleep. It also provides important notifications after every activity or workout to inform you on your progress.

Wireless Heart rate Headphones

Technology has enabled the development of Bluetooth headphones that have the capability of monitoring your heart rate at any time. It can be described as a simple heart rate tracker. These headphones have inbuilt heart rate sensors that work concurrently with the headphones as you listen to your music. These integrated sensors enable you to monitor and record your workouts in the gym or on the track and provide a detailed report. This device also provides audio updates on various things such as heart rate, distance traveled and your pace. This aims to improve your workout. The headphones have uniquely designed buds that are comfortable and stay in your ears as you workout, which enhances effectiveness in data collection as well as allowing you to focus on your workouts.

Hybrid Smartwatches

With most smartwatches designed to display various notifications and have several fitness features, hybrid smart watches are specifically designed always to monitor your heart rate. This device has a longer lasting battery that enables it to generate data for a long and continuous period on various things such as sleep patterns, steps taken, calories burned, heart rate zone and track distance. On its clock display, it notifies you of your progress and the next steps you have to take to achieve your goal. Additionally, it is considered the most beautiful in the market right now to have around your wrist.