Fax Machines and Business Today

The Relevance of Faxing Messages in today’s Business Society

You might be thinking that the fax machine is irrelevant in today’s business society. You might also think that faxing has gone the way of mailed letter. You could say that the limitless amount of communication by other means has diminished the use of the lonely fax. In some ways the usage has diminished with the advent of email and other electronic means of communication. However the fax is still utilized quite heavily in business.

Fax Machines and Business Today

The reason is that businesses still deal with a lot of paper. The paperless office, even though it seems to be gaining traction with the new technology, is still a ways in the future. All that paper has to be scanned or faxed to its proper destination. Faxing is easier because there is only one step whereas when you scan a document you have to save it somewhere before transmitting it.

Fax Machines-Dependable transmissions

The main reason why traditional fax machines are still used in business is because they usually have a dedicated fax server. This fax server stores the data and transmits to directly to the destination’s fax. Senders need not worry that the fax didn’t go through or was blocked by the network. Most traditional fax machines are not connected to the network, so when the network goes down the fax can still go out.

Bulk transmissions-Faxing vs. email

Another very important reason why traditional fax machines are still relevant in the workplace is that you can send a bulk fax with upwards to 100 pages or more in one bulk transmission. In contrast, you only have a limited amount of data that you can send via email. If you go over the limit, you need to zip the documents or send them out in separate emails.

Alternate means of communication-Fax service

Faxing documents instead of scanning them or scanning them to a fax provides an alternate means of communicating with companies that don’t have Internet access. A dedicated fax service can also provide a quick and alternate way for companies to fax documents without having to invest in expensive equipment.

Reliability of receipt and confirmation-Fax vs. email

The fax machine has been around for a long time. It is the only form of communication where you get confirmation that the message was received. It has been proven reliable against emails. In some cases you can never been sure your recipient has received your email. The only proof that you have is the message that tells you that it has been sent.

Secure transmissions-Faxing software

The concern about data breaches and data “dropouts” is real. Having a dedicated and secure fax line that isn’t connected to the Internet is just one way to avoid exposure of important documents. Another way to reduce the possibility of a breach is by utilizing faxing software with added security features.

Faxing software is utilized worldwide

Business fax lines are and have been proven to be highly secure and accessible worldwide to process large amounts of data. Fax technology, because of its foothold on the world, is utilized to transmit sensitive information accurately and successfully to its destination.

Need Printed Copy for Auditing Purposes

In the healthcare industry and in the financial industry regulations still require a printed hard copy of certain documents. It makes sense when you are scanning paper documents that you fax them to avoid the necessity of re-scanning them again.

Newer technology allows you to scan documents once securely and send it out to a secure fax at the desired location.