Features of the New iPhone

A Glimpse at the New iPhone 8

2017 has seen numerous phones being introduced into the market from every mobile phone manufacturer in the world, from Nokia to Samsung. However, none of them compares to the new flagship phones unveiled by Apple just a few weeks ago, which includes the iPhone 8, iPhone 8s and iPhone X. These phones are described as a giant leap from earlier iPhone models by the company. Let us now concentrate on the new, amazing and breathtaking iPhone 8. Although the iPhone 8 maintains the iPhone general design and look, it has adopted the use of a new glass body sandwiched in its strong aluminum frame. This new phone has numerous wonderful features such as wireless charging, retina HD, 3D touch and dust and water resistant, wide color support, aerospace-grade glass and improved camera sensors just to name a few. The new iPhone 8 is unquestionably among the best phones of the year. Below are some of the features that stand out from the iPhone 8.

Features of the New iPhone

Aerospace-Grade Glass

The likelihood of you unintentionally drop your phone and damage the screen or its all-glass back is considerably high. The iPhone 8 has so far addressed this issue by using the new aerospace-grade glass. Apple describes it as the hardest glass used on any phone in the world, which makes the iPhone 8 more durable. This glass aims to avoid the chipping or shattering of both the front and back glass faces of the phone. Additionally, it gives the phone a new look that will without a doubt stand out from the rest.

Water Resistance

In 2017, all top of the line phones have a high degree of withstanding damage caused by water. The iPhone 8 has not been left behind as it is IP67 water resistant certified. This enables you and every other user of the iPhone 8 the ability to take pictures and videos underwater, use the phone out in the rain and also remain in the perfect condition in water at a depth of 1 meter for approximately 30 minutes. However, it is not advisable to intentionally use the phone in water or out in the rain as it may accelerate the wear and tear of the phone.

Wireless Charging

Being a premium phone, Apple decided to include the wireless charging feature to compete with other premium phones in the market. The new glass body of the iPhone 8 successfully enables it to support this method of charging by using a Q-certified charging device. You can now charge the phone in cafes, restaurants, airports and coffee shops that have Q-charging points.

Retina HD

The new iPhone 8 retina HD ensures the phone achieves the best display than ever before. This feature displays beautiful pictures on the phone’s HD screen by producing brilliant colors and achieving high color accuracy as well. Whether you will be watching videos or pictures on this phone, this feature will produce a high vibrant image, just as it is in real life. In the end, the new feature delivers stunning, rich and vibrant pictures that cannot be found on any other phone.

3D Touch

This feature allows you to quickly open the multitasking screen and select a previous app or activity you are doing on your phone. By firmly pressing the on the screen’s left edge and flicking towards the right, the app switcher appears. This reduces the need to browse through the phone’s app menu to locate an app you were recently using.