Google Nexus

Less Common Uses of Google Nexus Tablets

Google Nexus tablets are far more powerful than most owners realize, and their versatility makes them great for a range of tasks. While most people think they’re only useful for checking websites and running common apps, they can actually do far more. Here are a few less common uses of Google Nexus tablets.

Google Nexus

Laptop or Desktop Replacement

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, it’s easy to connect keyboards and mice to Google Nexus tablets. Furthermore, they can also output video to HDMI-capable monitors with the right adapter. These features mean they’re able to match the interface of laptops and desktops, and most traditional computer applications have an equivalent app in the Play Store. Specialty cases can also make the tablet resemble a traditional laptop, making it great for both business and fun tasks.

In-Store Kiosk

Many businesses rely on specialty kiosks to provide information to customers or to aid financial transactions. However, Google Nexus tablets can also serve this role well, as their high-quality screens and touch interfaces work as well or even better than standalone kiosks. Furthermore, it’s easy to find a variety of kiosk programs through the Play Store, so companies can reuse tablets to fill different roles. There are a number of devices available to secure tablets used as kiosks, so they can even be used without monitoring.

Streaming Device

Many people use standalone streaming devices to watch online video on television screens, but Google Nexus tablets can fill this role as well. Using a cable to connect the device to a television, users can access Netflix, YouTube and other popular services. In addition, it can also be used as a remote control for a wide range of streaming devices, especially those from Google itself. The large screen on Nexus tablets makes searching for and accessing content easier than typical remote controls and on-screen interfaces.

Dedicated GPS Device

While many drivers are happy to use their smartphones for navigation, Nexus tablets offers better performance in most situations. Furthermore, they have large screens that are great for visibility in all weather conditions, especially in busy areas where it can be difficult to distinguish between roads on smaller screens. There are a number of mounting options available to let you choose your preferred placement; the dashboard is great for glancing at the screen, and lower mounts in the center of the car work well for more discrete use. Using a device effectively typically requires mobile internet access, but there are several offline navigation programs that can work well. The ample storage capacity of Nexus devices offer plenty of spaces for maps of large areas.

Party Center

Tablets are great for streaming music to both Bluetooth and wired devices, and the peppy performance of the Google Nexus tablet makes it especially convenient. Furthermore, there are a number of interfaces to let you browse your music collection. Tablets are great for parties, and intuitive interfaces mean all guests can have a shot at mixing their favorite tracks. Other programs let you stream programs from your home computer, so you can access the library you’ve built over the years easily.

Tablets have largely been hailed for their versatility, but many people fail to realize just how much their tablets can do. By thinking outside of typical usage, you can make the most of your tablet and experience all that Google Nexus devices have to offer.