Internet Access

How Can You Gain Access to the Internet?

Social media, blogs and eCommerce are all staples of 21st century life. However, you won’t be able to enjoy them unless you can access the internet. If you live in a rural area, you may connect through a dial-up modem or hope that there is a Wi-Fi network close to where you live. In more urban areas, it may be possible to connect through faster cable or DSL lines.

Internet Access

What Is Cable Internet?

Cable internet service uses either traditional cable lines or fiberoptic lines to send a signal to a router and modem in your home. Compared to dial-up, it is much faster and generally comes with a stronger signal. This makes it easier to take your laptop to the basement or rooms farther away from the router and still be able to enjoy reasonably fast download speeds and watch videos without too much buffering or lag. DSL is like cable, but it generally runs much slower. However, it is generally cheaper, which means it is more cost-effective for those who just go online to check email or keep tabs on their favorite sports team.

What Is Dial-Up Internet?

Dial-up internet uses a signal sent through a telephone line to the modem in your home. Typically, connection speeds are slower, which may result in longer download times and lag or buffering when trying to view larger video files. It may also be best for those who are only using the internet to check mail or visit basic sites. Those who need a better option in more rural areas may want to look into satellite internet services.

What Is Wi-Fi?

When you internet signal comes into your home, it is sent over the air through your router. If there are devices nearby that can connect to the internet, the signal will be picked up by that device through its internal modem. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is often preferable for those who are using a tablet or smartphone at home as it won’t force them to use any part of their available data. Public parks, restaurants and other locations may offer Wi-Fi as a service to visitors or customers.

Most Devices Have Wireless Modems These Days

These days, almost all laptops, tablets and smartphones connect to the internet without the need for wires. In decades past, you would actually have to connect an Ethernet cord to your computer to go online. However, this is still an option for those who don’t get good wireless reception in their home or have a broken router. Generally, the signal strength is comparable whether the computer is hardwired to the modem or is connected through a wireless signal.

The internet has made it easier for people all over the world to learn more about each other, express views on major issues and buy goods from retailers over the world. Whether you go online at home, at work or at the library, it has proven to be a potent tool that can make anyone’s life easier and more fulfilling.