Laptop Deals In Time For Christmas

Incredible Laptop Deals In Time For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and it now is the best time to buy laptops. The prices tend to go up during the Christmas season and also price increases based on the dual-core processor. It is important to plan and save money. There are several laptops in the market, and it becomes hard to make the right decision. Getting a laptop will do more task and is affordable is the best option to purchase. There is no need to worry. This article gives some of the best laptop deals to buy before Christmas season.

Laptop Deals In Time For Christmas

Acer swift 3 2016

Acer is known to provide quality products, and one will not go wrong with the Acer laptops. It has several features like 256 GB SSD, 8GB RAM, 14 inch HD display, and backlit keyboard. It weighs 1.5 kg. The laptop has window s 10 and a battery life of 8 hours. The price is £650. It’s a great buy for everyone who wants a light laptop that can do basic tasks and even photo editing. Furthermore, it has core i3 that is suitable for those who do not do a lot of web browsing. However, it is not ideal for anyone who does photo editing. Therefore, one can get the best deal with this laptop.

Asus vivobook E200HA

The Asus is the best notebook on the market and weighs less than a kilogram. However, the size does not mean that it compromises on the features. The laptop offers a wide array of features. It has 12 hours battery life. Additionally, the price is affordable and goes for £200. However, the cost varies every week. The laptop has an Intel Atom, 11.6 inches, 32 GB SSD and it weighs only 980g.

Dell XPS 13

Dell is also another popular laptop brand. The Dell XPS 13 is light and weighs 1.29 kg. Furthermore, it has a stunning screen, great design, and the best performance. The laptop has been updated to the 8th generation central processing unit. Therefore, it means that one will get the best speed when browsing the web. It is sturdy and affordable. For those who love windows then this is the laptop to buy. Some of its amazing features include 13.3 inch, 8GB RAM, HD graphics, and a cell life of up to 9 hours. The laptop is a bit costly with a price of £1299. Therefore, one has to be prepared to part with a massive sum of money to get this laptop. The good thing is that it is worth the cost.

HP EliteBook x360 G2

Elite book x360 G2 is one of the finest laptops offered by HP. It is suitable for business. However, the cost may be out of reach for a person who is on a tight budget. The laptop costs £1378. It is light and weighs 1.29kg. Therefore, one can easily slip it into the bag when going to work. It has a premium design and sturdy hinge. The cell can go for up to 9 hours when it is fully charged. The laptop comes installed with windows 10. The central processing unit is Intel Core i5-7300U and a 16GB RAM.

Lenovo idea pad 720S

Idea pad 720S is an impressive laptop with a 14-inch frame. It has an overall weight o f1.55 kg. The laptop has core i5-7200U processor that is suitable for video and even photo editing. The cell life can last for up to 9 hours. Some of the Dual Core features that one will get by buying this laptop includes a backlit keyboard, 2.5 GHz Intel Core, 8GB RAM and the price is £850. The build quality is worth every penny that one will spend on this laptop.