Microsoft Surface

The Freshest Microsoft Surface Products

Two of the most joyful American shopping holidays are quickly approaching, and this means potentially great deals on Microsoft Surface products, easily the best platform for personal computing these days. The Surface line of computing devices are powered by Intel processors, easily the best choice in the market for running Windows 10, and the extra features such as advanced dock modules and PixelSense display technology make this platform the best choice for students, business people, artists, and just about everyone who wants to enjoy the best portable devices around.

Microsoft Surface

With the above in mind, here are the freshest Microsoft Surface products currently on the market:

The Microsoft Surface Pro

Many shoppers tend to start off their product research by evaluating the items with the lower USD cost; while this strategy is recommended by those on a tight budget, they should also consider taking a look at products considered to be at the top of the line since they tend to feature the best discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday,

The Surface Pro is probably the best hardware product ever designed by Microsoft. The Pro line started in 2013 with the first edition of a hybrid tablet and laptop that could be taken seriously by business people who demand highly portable and powerful solutions. The Surface Pro 4 is powered by the Intel Core i5-6300U chip, which offers a nice 3MB cache and processing speeds up to 3GHz. Additional features include PixelSense display and advanced dock technology, but many users never get around to docking their hybrids since they consider their systems to completely fulfill their personal computing needs. The latest version of this hybrid, the Pro 2017, starts at less than $800 USD, but the best deals can be found in the Pro 3 and Pro 4 models, which are still offered as new items.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

In 2017, Microsoft decided to move away from its successful hybrid Surface products and introduced the Surface Laptop, which is primarily aimed at students who are interested in more traditional portable computing solutions. The Intel processor that powers the Surface Laptop offers the same power as the Pro hybrids, but the battery life is extended.

This is an ultra-slim and very lightweight laptop that competes with the MacBook Pro at more affordable prices; however, shoppers should be aware that the entry-level version of the Microsoft Laptop comes with Windows 10 S, which is locked into the Windows Store in terms of apps and software options; notwithstanding this restriction, an optional upgrade to Windows 10 Pro is available for users who want more freedom of software choice.

Surface Studio

The most advanced and thoughtfully designed piece of hardware currently offered by Microsoft is the Surface Studio, which is far superior than the desktop systems offered by Apple to graphic designers and artists. This is the first all-in-one PC produced by Microsoft, and it features the most gorgeous digital display currently available on the market.

Something unique about the Surface Studio is that is the Surface Dial, an innovative disk that connects with the touchscreen to allow the precision movements required by graphic designers and digital artists. Since the Surface Studio is geared towards a professional segment, pricing starts at nearly $3,000. This makes it a better candidate for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.