Rundown Of The Fitbit Lineup

Rundown Of The Fitbit Lineup

Overview of Fitbit Fitness Trackers

Interested in a Fitbit but overwhelmed by the choices? Here is a rundown of the lineup of wearable tech from Fitbit to help you choose what’s best for you.

Rundown Of The Fitbit Lineup

The Fitbit Zip is the most basic of their offerings. This simple wireless activity tracker clips to your pocket or waistband and tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned during your day. The Zip syncs wirelessly to your computer or smartphone, so you can keep track of your activity over time, plus access the Fitbit platform’s other features, like the calorie counters or Fitbit challenges.

The Fitbit Flex 2 brings the step tracking to your wrist in a slim, lightweight package. The thinnest of all Fitbits, the Flex 2 tracker can be removed from the bands and worn around your neck as a pendant or around your wrist in a more stylish bangle. While it doesn’t have a screen, it syncs wirelessly to your device so you can easily see your daily statistics. One of the few Fitbits that you can wear while swimming, it also has auto sleep tracking, reminders to move, and a feature that automatically detects when you’re exercising.

Next up is the Fitbit Alta. This activity tracker provides an OLED touch screen while still maintaining a slim profile. A quick tap of the screen gives you an overview of your daily stats, and like all FitBit trackers it syncs wirelessly to your phone so you can see the impact of your activity over time. Many styles of interchangeable bands means you can have a band for working out and a band for wearing to work, making it look less like an activity tracker and more like a stylish accessory. When connected to your phone via Bluetooth, the Alta can also alert you to calls, text messages, and calendar appointments, as well as provide a silent, vibrating alarm. This tracker is also available with a heart rate monitor, which allows you to further track the impact of your workouts.

The FitBit Charge offers many of the benefits of the Alta in a slightly bigger format. The larger OLED screen provides not only your daily statistics, but also access to guided breathing sessions to help keep you calm and focused and the ability to access and track your favorite fitness activity. When synced with your phone, the Charge monitors your cardio fitness level, so you gain a better understanding of your overall fitness and see how you improve over time. This tracker also provides call, text, and calendar alerts and has interchangeable bands to match your activity and personality.

The Fitbit Blaze, the largest in the Fitbit family, is way more than just a watch. In addition to all the features available on the Charge, the Blaze also has music control, on-screen workouts, workout goals and summaries, and more, right on the colorful touch screen. It’s multi-faceted clock faces and interchangeable bands mean you can personalize it exactly how you want it. The Blaze goes way beyond sleep tracking, too, and is able to actually track your sleep stages, or how long you spend in light and deep sleep.