Streaming Services

Advantages and Disadvantages of Streaming Services

The popularity of streaming services continues to rise as more content becomes available. The vast amount of content available on Netflix and the other popular streaming services even has some people canceling their traditional television service. These are the three biggest advantages and disadvantages of using streaming services as your only source of television.

Streaming Services

Advantages of Streaming Services

The huge savings each month is the main reason why so many people are choosing to get all of their television content from streaming services. Subscribing to the two largest streaming services, Netflix and Hulu, will only cost you approximately $20 each month. This is well below what you would pay for even the cheapest cable or satellite television package.

The lack of a contract is another big advantage of streaming services. Instead of being stuck in a contract for two years with a satellite company, you are free to cancel your streaming service subscription at any point. This freedom allows to try out a new streaming service without the threat of being stuck with them for the next two years. If you do not want to be tied down by a long contract, streaming services may be your best option for entertainment.

If you are using a streaming service, then you can get instant access to your favorite movies and television shows from nearly any location. All you have to do to watch content away from the house is pull out your smartphone, tablet or computer and sign into your account. This instant access means you will be able to easily watch your favorite show on vacation or at a friend’s house. You also do not have to worry about transferring your service if you ever buy a new house. You will not be able to enjoy this huge perk with a traditional television service.

Disadvantages of Streaming Services

While the popular streaming services offer thousands of hours of entertainment, there are going to be some shows that you will not be able to watch. You will have to get used to not being able to watch every interesting show if you want to use streaming services as your only source of television. In addition to missing some popular shows, you will also miss most of the biggest sporting events. You can still watch the games shown on your local channels for free, but you will not be able to see any other sporting events.

Another big disadvantage of streaming services is that you are forced to wait to watch most of the popular television shows. Hulu makes the newest episodes of their shows available one day after they originally aired on TV. Netflix is required to wait until the entire season is completed before adding the show to their streaming service. While you will have plenty of things to watch during this waiting period, you will have a hard time discussing the show with friends. It can also be hard to avoid spoilers on the internet if you are not careful.

You will also need a fast internet connection if you want to stream shows in high-definition without buffering. A fast internet connection can be hard to find in rural areas, so you may not get the most out of your streaming service. This internet requirement also means that you will be stuck without any entertainment if you have an interruption to your internet service. Going without your internet is hard enough, but it is even worse if you are not able to watch television too.