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Options to Keep in Mind for Your Next TV

Is a Smart TV the best option for a great viewing experience? Should you choose a 3D or 4K television? There are so many options and they are constantly being improved to make bigger and better televisions. This can actually work in your favor. Every time a new type of TV hits the market, the prices of existing ones go down. A look at the following may help you to decide which one is the best option for your needs.

TV Makes

LCD/LED Televisions

Major brands are available in LCD and LED. Both have become quite affordable today. The LCD or liquid crystal display television often has the best picture when viewing from the front. The picture can fade or look dim when viewed from the side.

This will vary depending on the model. Some that use “IPS” or In-Plane Switching do provide a more consistent color reproduction and better viewing angles. This was developed to replace the TN or “twisted nematic” LCDs of the 1980s.

The LED or light emitting diode television often has a better picture than an LCD. This does not mean that an LCD cannot have a great picture. The reason for this is that many times manufacturers of LCD televisions use LEDs to back-light the display on LCDs. LED televisions are usually quite a bit thinner than LCD TVs. This combined with the better picture does result in the LED being a bit more expensive than the LCD.

3D Televisions

Early on 3D TVs were made that used glasses to allow viewers to see the show in 3D. What does 3D mean? It is basically “an HDTV with 3D compatibility.” This means that the TV can display specialty 3D video with glasses, 3D video, and a 3D source device. The screen shows the same scene in two different images at the same time. One image is for the left eye and one is for the right eye. Using the 3D glasses the images fuse and become one image.

Although a 3D TV that does not require glasses for viewing has been developed by a Chinese manufacturer, it is very expensive. Due to the rarity of 3D television channels and blue-ray discs there is not a lot of call for 3D TVs. There are a few pay channels that offer movies in 3D and 3D games are not abundant either.

4K Televisions

Why are 4K TVs so popular? They provide four times more resolution than the typical HD TV. The 4K has 3840 vertical rows of pixels and 2160 horizontal rows of pixels. More pixels make the picture sharper. Although the 4K TV was very expensive a few years ago, they have become much more affordable and there is more 4K content available.

A couple of gaming companies are also looking at developing 4K consoles. There have been some 4K computer games for a while. With more development on the way the 4K televisions will likely become even more affordable.

Smart TV

A smart TV is one of the most popular options today. They can do virtually anything your computer can from streaming video services to access to the web and apps. There are even smart televisions that will respond to your voice. They allow access to social media sites and many feature a “Smart Hub” interface. This allows viewers to search for and download music and movies.

The benefit of being able to use a smart TV just as you use your computer is that the picture quality is much better and the screen is bigger. Some offer a touch screen that can be used for playing games and going online. They are a bit more expensive than regular HDTVs but the picture quality is excellent and they offer more functionality.